Bling of Kings brings the majesty of royal palaces and stately homes to those in search of all that glitters. Whether your style is Hollywood or Camelot, Bling of Kings will make your home sparkle. The collection, from award winning Catrina's Ranch Interiors, is inspired by the magnificent castles and chateaus of Kings and Queens whose luxurious furnishings have been recreated just for you.

Step into the King's chamber, or out onto the red carpet in front of the flashbulbs of paparazzi cameras, and picture yourself in the glamour and drama that is the inspiration for the Bling of Kings collection.

The Bling of Kings ensemble brings the influence of world adventures to life with traditional styling, rich tones and finishes. The quality and attention to detail is masterfully evidenced throughout the collection. 


The Illusions video


Imagine yourself in diplomatic circles, experiencing the luxury that comes with such a prestigious position and relax into the opulence of the Bling of Kings collection. Experience the international diplomatic world that is the inspiration for the collection and experience the grand, traditional style that will transport you to a life of nobility.

Bling of Kings is the Southwest's premier location for elegant European furniture, western furniture, ranch furniture, hill country furniture and old world furnishings. Whether your preference is custom furniture, custom upholstery, choice Texas leather upholstery, rustic furniture, Hill Country furniture, Tuscan furniture, old world furniture, iron furniture or mesquite furniture, you will find an unrivalled selection in our San Antonio furniture store.

We specialize in rare architectural pieces, fine art paintings, antler chandeliers, bronze statues, scrolled iron work, oriental rugs and antiques. Bling of Kings has all that glitters and will make your home sparkle.

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